How often do you use your own website?

How often do you use your own website?
November 21, 2017 lesley
testing your own website

I get a lot of my work from businesses who have challenges with their website not generating a return on investment.

A serious problem (and work I am grateful for).

I am happy to say all of these problems I have solved! With the help of some super programming and design talent I might add.

The first step is establishing the barriers preventing the website from transacting or generating enquiries. Often, the business has no idea.

But guess what? In my many years of experience I have learned that very few people use their own website 😱!!

Does that seem strange?

An easy way to manage your online world is to draw parallels with your offline world.

  • Most of you clean your office right? But never your website??
  • Most of you will fix the office or shop door if it’s stuck… but alas not the poor website …as no one knows it’s broken 😞
  • If the cash register gets jammed it’s a huge priority… your online checkout process… yeah again no one has tried to use…
  • Telephone lines go down…

You get the idea. If you don’t know it’s broken you can’t fix it!

Much of my work is in digital translation, however, in many cases, identifying the problem is quite often just one of use.

Today’s lesson is a short one, identifying the problem is half the solution.

Please use your own website.

Guess what I’m off to do!! Yikes…