Why so many #hashtags?

Why so many #hashtags?
November 16, 2017 lesley
Why So Many #Hashtags Blog

I have learned a lot about digital marketing over the past 18 years including analytics, advertising and SEO. But there’s one thing you either have, or don’t have…

Common Sense

It will take us all far in life and business.

Let’s take the subject of social media. Social media is just that. It’s social.

If you are unsure, think about it like the new telephone, and then apply the social telephone skills you have (or might want to have) in every day personal and/or business life.

When was the last time you picked up the phone (well maybe not for while in this digital era) and gave someone a long rambling list of subject titles? Conversely, would you like to listen to a long list of subject titles being read out?  I am of course talking about the #Hashtag!

You know what I mean, and Instagram is the worst! #marketing #lovemarketing #business #hashttag #instagram #working #workingfromhome #homeoffice #office…

#photo has to be the worst sin! Instagram is a photo sharing platform and most of us with the gift of sight can see it’s a photo. Then there’s the very popular #hashtag, hashtag  ☺️

I agree, #hashtags are indeed wonderful 💗for allowing people to engage in a theme or a subject matter with ease, like #tbt (throw back Thursday), where we all share fun or embarrassing photos of yester year. Or, the popular #BookFace (see @OrkneyLibrary) and #GBBO (Great British Bake Off). Essentially allowing people with a common interest to socialise using social media platforms. And yes, if you are a business using appropriate #hashtags for your sector or product, a #hashtag can sometimes help you attract more followers…but only if it makes sense and is of course readable.

There are many statistics about how short our attention spans have become in the digital era. So hoping that someone will find you using a #hashtag might not be the best strategy. I know, I asked Scotland on Twitter what they thought, they answered.

Twitter Hashtag Survey Results

Yes of course, some people will click on a #hashtag, if one jumps out easily at them… not if you give them 10 or god forbid 20!

Here’s another tip, human beings don’t like too much choice, it turns us off.

So, some simple social media rules:

  1. Keep your social media text short, eye catching and easily read (2-3 seconds maximum)
  2. Use appropriate #hashtags sparingly, preferably within the body of the text (i.e. in the actual sentence itself)
  3. On point 2, try and use sentences and not long urls or just #hashtags
  4. If using more than one word, capitalise each word #ItMakesItEasier to read

@readers, thank you for reading this blog on the use of #hashtags and #socialmedia!

Gosh, was that a sentence  ☺️

Armed with common sense you can now enjoy this super #hashtag guide from Hubspot.