Out Sourced Marketing Director

As your business grows you require different levels and amounts of Expertise

Out-sourced Marketing Director

Growing your business and knowing when to expand your team can be a difficult and risky position.

You can  reduce your costs and reduce risk by out-sourcing your marketing strategy and direction to LMW Consulting.

With a fresh pair of eyes we can provide monthly support to:

  • Review of, or, creation of a marketing strategy
  • Focus on measurable marketing goals
  • Assessment of existing marketing assets and their effectiveness in driving leads
  • Content marketing planning
  • Upskill existing staff, or provision of resources to implement marketing activities
  • Marketing, content creation and return on investment processes and reporting
  • Third party supplier management (e.g. website or app development projects)

Monthly marketing resource can be available at a fraction of the cost of a full-time Marketing Director.

Fresh pair of eyes look at Marketing