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Is social media sucking the life out of your social life?

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A range of studies suggests we spend 2 hours of our day on social media. Is that making us less, or more social?

Many years ago Erik Qualman wrote a fabulous book titled, Socialnomics. The book suggests that actually, engaging in social media enriches our lives. The byline reads:

How Social Media transforms the way we live and do business

The premise being that you find out on say Facebook, that a friend has got engaged, so that by the time you see her (or him) in person you can have a more deep and meaningful conversation about the pending wedding date, honeymoon options, venue etc (or indeed, what on earth are you thinking!) rather than “oh you’ve got engaged”! Hence, better quality social engagements with our friends.

But jeeze, is it really 2 hours?

What could I do with 2 spare hours every day…if only it came in one full 2 hour block…

Recently a mum at school gate mentioned I had n’t replied to a message, I was a tad confused until she told me she had sent me a direct message on Instagram. Nightmare! How many platforms do I need to check for messages now? I had a moment of “this stuff is taking over my life”.  I guess I need to issue a memo on appropriate use to friends. If you’ve made some gorgeous food, I’ll see it when I log into Instagram but in the meantime, WhatsApp me!

I have to be honest though, the wonders of social media has really enriched my life:

  • My business network reaches more geographies and diverse sectors than ever before, yet they are all at my finger tips on LinkedIn
  • I engage way more frequently with my extended and immediate family – they are a welcome break on those spare moments on long train journeys
  • Ask my friends about the lucky top 😉 a find from an Instagram post (and the last one in Gap on a 40% discount day…Sooo proud… eh your thoughts are your own people!)
  • Twitter brings me my custom newsfeed every day and I no longer fight with family members over newspaper pull outs or magazines
  • And my CV is way more attractive than it ever was with features like projects and the ability to add rich media – thank you LinkedIn
  • I do have event envy and find myself going out more because of Facebook updates.

But it has become hard to go more than an hour without checking social media platforms, so this fun video from Nike, might inspire you and I to just do it (see what I did there)!

It lasts less than 1 minute. Watch it!

Turn Social Media off and Just Do It

As much as I love my social networks, I do like a few nights off.

Oh, and if you are a business owner reading this blog, remember social media, is meant to be social. It’s not another blank billboard for you to publish direct sales messages.

How is social media enriching your life today?