Digital Marketing Planning Course

This is an interactive 2-day marketing workshop

Delegates create their own digital marketing plan during the workshop guided by an experienced facilitator.

A workbook will be supplied for completion along with a digital marketing report template for revision and completion.

Content will be created including a blog and social media posts.

Day One

What is marketing?
The evolution of digital marketing and communication
Confirming your product or service – what’s the customer benefit?
Marketing goal setting
Customers first – how does your marketing message demonstrate you solve their problem
Evolving your brand on Social Media
Brand asset review
The key social media platforms – how to network, advertise and measure social media

Day Two

Why and when you should use # hashtags
Finding social media influencers
Search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Adwords
Website structure and user experience
Content creation – email/blogging and visual imagery
Customer journeys and campaigns
Measuring success with analytics

Take a Fresh Look at Marketing